viernes, 17 de abril de 2009

Blame Israel for Palestine, Not for Everything Else

I was just reading the article on Alternet, "New Bush Torture Memos Released" and there was a guy on there who commented that, "you can blame Israel for this." For what? Torture? the U.S. Global War on Terror (or whatever euphemism Obama uses now)? Sure, Israel is fond of terror and not so fond of Arabs/Muslims, but we have to get real and stop blaming Israel for all evil in the world.

If you want some group to blame, you can blame the global capitalist class (of every religion and no religion, of every ethnicity but mostly European ancestry) who think that oppressing the majority of the world's people is ok, even if it means we have to torture them now and then to keep them in line.

Osama's initial gripe was U.S. bases in Saudi Arabia. Since then he and his ilk have expanded their jihad to the puppet governments in the Middle East controlled by western capitalists. Prof. Gelvin shows (p. 20) how this new line has become popular as "American [read capitalist] globalization" has spread over recent decades.

Israel, in fact, is a blip on the map to Osama and other "Islamists"/anarcho-caliphatists (my imperfect term for those who wish to destroy nation states and establish a single empire based on their version of Shari'a, see Gelvin p.16...). Without Israel, they still would have no caliphate... that's why Hamas (a nationalist group) and Al Qaeda don't quite get along, to put it mildly (see Gelvin p. 13).

What does capitalism have to do with the wrath of anarcho-caliphatists? Religion has greatest significance to people who are poor and alienated by their oppressive government. Remember Egypt under Nasser? Anarcho-caliphatists had quite a hard time recruiting back then, when government served the people (as imperfect as it was).

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Anónimo dijo...

You forget that Jews killed Christ... and with much gore...

Anónimo dijo...

What about the fact that Jews killed the Lord?.. Oh.. someone already mentioned that... well what about the fact that the Jews are behind every conspiracy? there are tons of evidences to prove that. just read any book on it.